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S.NO.DistrictCollege CodeInstituteWeb URL 
1 KATNI3314Govt College, Bahoriband, Slimanabad
2 RAISEN3001Govt Swami Vivekanand College, Raisen
3 SATNA1203Govt College, Amarpatan
4 HOSHANGABAD3203Govt P Gcollege, Pipariya
5 BHOPAL2806Govt Gitanjali Girls P G College, Bhopal
6 KHARGONE2405Govt College, Badwaha
7 SAGAR1010Govt College, Khurai
8 BADWANI2412Govt College, Niwali
9 JABALPUR3316Govt College, Majholi
10 SEHOREins1437Govt College, Jawarnagar
11 BURHANPUR2503Govt Jawaharlal Nehru College, Nepanagar
12 DEWAS2007Govt College, Hatpipalya
13 SAGAR1009Govt P G College, Garhakota
14 JABALPUR3313Govt College, Patan
15 DHAR2202Govt Girls College, Dhar
16 MANDSAUR1608Govt College, Garoth
17 JABALPUR3309Govt Shyam Sundar Agrawal College, Sihora
18 INDORE2307Bherulal Patidar Govt P G College, Mhow
19 TIKAMGARH0703Govt College, Niwari
20 SHAJAPUR1905Govt Jawaharlal Nehru Smrati College, Shujalpur
21 UJJAIN1811Govt Madhav Arts and Commerce College, Ujjain
22 Agar Malwa1904Govt Nehru P G College, Agarmalwa
23 RAISEN3002Govt Girls College, Raisen
24 SATNA1201Govt P G College, Satna
25 HOSHANGABAD3211Govt Girls College, Itarsi
26 RAISEN3003Govt College, Bareli
27 JABALPUR3301Govt Science College, Jabalpur
28 ASHOKNAGARins1240Govt. College, Isagarh
29 VIDISHA2703Subhadra Sharma Govt Girls College, Ganjbasoda
30 DAMOH1102Govt Kamla Nehru Girls College, Damoh
31 SAGAR1006Govt P G College, Bina
32 JABALPUR3302Govt Mahakaushal Arts and Commerce College, Jabalpur
33 JABALPUR3304Govt M K B Arts and Commerce College, Jabalpur
34 GUNA0601Govt P G College, Guna
35 KHARGONE2406Govt College, Sanawad
36 BALAGHAT3808Govt College, Lalbarra
37 INDORE2309Govt College, Sawer
38 ANUPPUR1412Govt College, Pushparajgarh
39 SAGAR1007Govt Girls College, Bina
40 MANDSAURins1556Govt. College, Suvasara
41 RATLAM1701Govt Arts and Science P G College, Ratlam
42 UJJAIN1807Govt College, Mahidpur
43 ASHOKNAGAR0603Govt Nehru Degree College, Ashoknagar
44 BETUL3708Govt College, Shahpur
45 BHIND0206Govt Maharshi Arvind College, Gohad
46 BHOPAL2810Govt Swami Vivekanand Degree College, Berasiya
47 BHOPAL2803Govt Sarojini Naidu Girls P G College, Bhopal
48 UJJAIN1808Govt College, Tarana
49 MANDLA3507Govt College, Bhuabichhiya
50 KATNI3310Govt Tilak College, Katni
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