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S.NO.DistrictCollege CodeInstituteURL 
1 UJJAIN1806Govt Arts Science Commerce College, Nagda
2 UMARIAins1454Govt College, Manpur
3 BETUL3107Govt College, Sarni
4 JABALPUR3309Govt Shyam Sundar Agrawal College, Sihora
5 MORENA0106Govt College, Jaura
6 CHHINDWARA3605Govt College, Junardev
7 SHAHDOLins1715Govt College, Keshwahi
8 SATNAins2798Govt College, Nadan
9 GUNA0606Govt Girls College, Chachoda
10 HOSHANGABAD3201Govt Narmada College, Hoshangabad
11 ASHOKNAGAR0603Govt Nehru PG College, Ashoknagar
12 SATNA1201Govt P G College, Satna
13 SHIVPURI0501Govt P G College, Shivpuri
14 CHHINDWARA3604Govt Pench Valley College, Parasiya
15 UJJAIN1801Govtgirls PG College, Ujjain
16 NEEMUCH1603Swami Vivekanand Govt P G College, Neemuch
17 HARDAins2802Govt Adarsh College
18 HARDA3207Govt Arts and Commerce College, Harda
19 SHAHDOL1407Govt Arts and Commerce College, Jaysinghnagar
20 CHHINDWARA3606Govt College, Amarwada
21 SATNAins1586Govt College, Amdara
22 GUNA0608Govt College, Aron
23 CHHINDWARA3610Govt College, Bichhua
24 CHHATARPURins1416Govt College, Chandla
25 RAISEN3007Govt College, Gairatganj
26 MANDSAUR1608Govt College, Garoth
27 DEWAS2005Govt College, Khategaon
28 BALAGHATins1444Govt College, Kherlanji
29 UJJAIN1807Govt College, Mahidpur
30 BHOPALins1591Govt College, Narela [Karond (Narela Vidhan sabha), Jain Mandir ke paas, Bhopal]
31 UMARIAins1709Govt College, Naurazabad
32 DAMOH1104Govt College, Pathariya
33 NARSINGHPURins2794Govt College, Saikheda
34 DHAR2206Govt College, Sardarpur
35 MANDLA3507Govt Degree College, Bhuabichhiya
36 MANDSAUR1602Govt Girls College, Mandsaur
37 BHOPAL2806Govt Gitanjali Girls P G College, Bhopal
38 HOSHANGABAD3202Govt Home Science Girls P G College, Hoshangabad
39 JABALPUR3304Govt M K B Arts and Commerce College, Jabalpur
40 UJJAIN1811Govt Madhav Arts and Commerce College, Ujjain
41 HOSHANGABAD3210Govt Mahatma Gandhi Smrati College, Itarsi
42 JHABUA2105Govt Mahaveer College, Petlawad
43 GUNA0601Govt P G College, Guna
44 BADWANI2411Govt P G College, Sendhwa
45 MANDLA3501Govt Rani Durgawati College, Mandla
46 VIDISHA2702Govt Sanjay Gandhi Smrati College, Ganjbasoda
47 RAISEN3001Govt Swami Vivekanand College, Raisen
48 ASHOKNAGARins1240Govt. College, Isagarh
49 UJJAINins1554Govt. College, Maakdone
50 DHAR2204Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Govt. College, Kukshi