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S.NO.DistrictCollege CodeInstituteURL 
1 UMARIA1410Govt College, Birsinghpur Pali
2 KATNI3312Govt College, Barhi
3 UJJAIN1811Govt Madhav Arts and Commerce College, Ujjain
4 MANDLA3507Govt College, Bhuabichhiya
5 UJJAIN1813Govt College, Ghattia
6 DEWAS2004Govt College, Kannod
7 BALAGHAT3805Govt College, Paraswada
8 ANUPPUR1412Govt College, Pushparajgarh
9 JHABUA2106Govt College, Thandla
10 VIDISHA2707Govt College, Vidisha
11 ALIRAJPUR2104Govt Collge, Jobat
12 RAISEN3002Govt Girls College, Raisen
13 GUNA0601Govt P G College, Guna
14 DHAR2204Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Govt. College, Kukshi
15 JABALPUR3313Shobha Singh Yadav Govt College, Patan
16 RATLAM1704Govt Bhagatsingh P G College, Jaora
17 GUNA0608Govt College, Aron
18 SEONI3705Govt College, Barghat
19 DHAR2207Govt College, Dharampuri
20 MORENA0106Govt College, Jaura
21 SAGAR1010Govt College, Khurai
22 BHIND0204Govt College, Lahar
23 SHAJAPUR1903Govt College, Maksi
24 REWA1310Govt Degree College, Gurh
25 GUNA0602Govt Girls College, Guna
26 MORENA0102Govt Girls College, Morena
27 SEHORE2902Govt Girls College, Sehore
28 SEONI3702Govt Girls College, Seoni
29 DHAR2201Govt P G College, Dhar
30 MORENA0101Govt P G College, Morena
31 REWA1306Govt Shahid Kedarnath P G College, Mauganj
32 UJJAIN1805Govt Vikram College, Khachrod
33 NARSINGHPUR3403Maharana Pratap Govt P G College, Gadarwada
34 CHHINDWARA3602Rajmata Sindhiya Govt Girls College, Chhindwara
35 CHHATARPUR0803Govt Chhatrasal Maharaja College, Maharajpur
36 RAISEN3003Govt College, Bareli
37 UJJAIN1804Govt College, Barnagar
38 SEONI3706Govt College, Chhapara
39 CHHINDWARAins2998Govt College, Chourai
40 SAGAR1012Govt College, Dhana
41 DEWAS2007Govt College, Hatpipalya
42 UJJAIN1807Govt College, Mahidpur
43 BHOPALins1591Govt College, Narela [Karond (Narela Vidhan sabha), Jain Mandir ke paas, Bhopal]
44 DAMOH1104Govt College, Pathariya
45 DHAR2211Govt College, Pithampur
46 GUNA0609Govt College, Raghogarh
47 INDORE2309Govt College, Sawer
48 DINDORI3506Govt College, Shahpura
49 MANDSAURins1241Govt College, Sitamau
50 BALAGHATins1449Govt College, Tirodi