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Father Name : SHRI N.L. DIXIT DOB : 13/08/xxxx
Designation : ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Department : English
Category : GEN Blood Group : B+
Appointment Date : 08/10/1993 Type : PSC Selection
Email : sdixit123[AT]gmail[DOT]com Mobile No. : 9425xxxxxx
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Achievement Details :-
Minor UGC ProjectResearch31/03/2002LINGUISTIC EXCHANGE BETWEEN ENGLISH AND HINDI, a Minor Research Project sanctioned by UGC completed.
Interview published in Mid-Day as Translation of Harry Potter SeriesPublications22/07/2007Dr. Sudhir Dixit is a renowned translator who has translated more than 200 international bestsellers into Hindi, including his most famous translation of Harry Potter Series.
Interview about translated books in Dainik Bhaskar newspaperPublications01/05/2016Interview of Dr. Sudhir Dixit published on his translated books in Dainik Bhaskar, a prominent National Daily newspaper
Book on Language and verbal dynamicsPublications29/06/2018Book published on Amazon Kindle, entitled 'Safalta Shabdon Ka Khel Hai.' Its theme is language, linguistics and verbal dynamics.
Fiction book publishedPublications25/12/2018Fiction book published on Amazon Kindle entitled 'Raja Ajab Singh ke Premkahani,' which is a fictional satire on social ambiguities and anomalies in current society
Translation publishedPublications16/12/2018Hindi Translation of Dale Carnegie's book How to become an Effective Leader published.
Translated book publishedPublications26/11/2018Hindi translation of Dale Carnegie's book Living an Enriched Life published
Translation of book on sellingPublications03/11/2014Hindi translation of Brian Tracy gook The Psychology of Selling
Translation of book on internal powerPublications06/06/2015Translation of book on internal power Miracle of Your Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy
Translation of book on successPublications08/02/2016Hindi translation of Wealth and Success by Dr. Joseph Murphy
Translation of book on dealing with peoplePublications15/09/2017Hindi translation of international bestseller Skill with People by Les Giblin
Translation of motivational bookPublications01/09/2017Hindi translation of international bestseller Life is Tremendous by Charlie John
Translation of Motivational bookPublications23/07/2017Translation of motivational book The lost secrets of prosperity
Translation of book on ExcellencePublications10/05/2016Hindi translation of international bestseller Mastery by Robert Greene
Translation of book on managementPublications25/09/2016Hindi translation of international bestseller The New One Minute Manager
Translation of book on successPublications20/11/2017Translation of famous book Success Recipe
Translation of book on personality developmentPublications05/05/2016Hindi translation of international bestseller How to Make People Like You in 90 seconds by Nicholas Boothman released
Translation of book on enterpreneurshipPublications06/05/2014Translation of international book How to Sell Anything to Anybody by Joe Girard
Translation of book on Steve JobsPublications04/10/2014Hindi translation of international bestseller How to Think Like Steve Jobs published
Translation of book on self-confidencePublications11/06/2017Hindi translation of international bestseller Self-confidence by Dr. Joseph Murphy
Translation of book on leadershipPublications26/06/2015Hindi translation of international bestseller Leadership by Example by Dr. Sanjeev Chopra
Translation of book on public behaviourPublications15/09/2017Hindi translation of international bestseller How to Deal with People by Les Giblin
Hindi translation of Harry Potter Book 2Publications23/08/2005Hindi translation of the world-famous Harry Potter Book 2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets published
Hindi translation of Harry Potter Book 3Publications22/01/2006Hindi translation of the world-famous Harry Potter Book 3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban published
Hindi translation of Harry Potter Book 4Publications28/10/2006Hindi translation of the world-famous Harry Potter Book 4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire published
Hindi translation of Harry Potter Book 5Publications11/01/2007Hindi translation of the world-famous Harry Potter Book 5 Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix published
Hindi translation of Harry Potter Book 6Publications20/12/2007Hindi translation of the international bestseller Harry Potter Book 6 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince published
Hindi translation of Harry Potter Book 7Publications12/03/2008Hindi translation of the world-famous Harry Potter Book 7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows published
Hindi translation of book on Gujrati entrepreneurshipPublications25/06/2014Hindi translation of the famous book on Gujrati entrepreneurs Dhandha by Shobha Bondre
Hindi Translation of book on skills enhancementPublications13/02/2016Hindi translation of book on skills enhancement Earn What You are Really Worth by international bestselling author Brian Tracy
Translation of book on power of beliefPublications24/02/2016Hindi translation of motivational book on power of belief and faith by Dr Joe Vitale
Translation of Business bookPublications18/01/2017Hindi translation of book on business The Great Indian Business Stories
Hindi translation of personal finance bookPublications14/06/2015Hindi translation of personal finance book How to Attract Money by Dr. Joseph Murphy
Hindi translation of Harry Potter book1Publications25/07/2003Hindi translation of the international bestseller Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J K Rowling
Translation of book on self-confidencePublications11/06/2015Translation of book on self-confidence entitled Believe In Yourself by the international bestselling author Dr. Joseph Murphy
Translation of Management book Built to LastPublications17/08/2015Hindi translation of the world-famous management book Built to Last by Jim Collins
Hindi Translation of book on personality developmentPublications11/01/2016Hindi translation of personality development book Convince Them in 90 Seconds by Nicholas Boothman
Hindi translation of book on CommunicationPublications04/12/2018Hindi translation of the bestseller book on communication Communicating Your Way to Success by Dale Carnegie
Hindi translation of book on Career guidancePublications18/12/2018Hindi translation of book on career guidance How to Jumpstart Your Career by Dale Carnegie
Hindi translation of motivational self-help bookPublications01/02/2015Hindi translation of motivational self-help book Dare To Be Different by international bestselling author Dr. Rainer Zitelmann
Motivational book Safalta 101Publications11/12/2004Original motivational book Safalta 101 published
Book Published on entrepreneurshipPublications06/06/2008Original book Ameeron ke 5 Niyam published to boost entrepreneurship.
Translated book 13 ThingsPublications30/06/2018Hindi Translation of self-help book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin
Translated book 60 Second Leadership publishedPublications18/09/2017Hindi translation of English bestseller 60 Second Leadership by Mike Greene published
Hindi Translation of Book on CommunicationPublications11/09/2013Hindi translation of ABC of Speaking by Thom Singer, a book on communication and speaking.
Translation of book on DepressionPublications02/01/2015Hindi translation of Beating the Blues by psychiatrist Seema Hingorani on depression.
Translation of Sania Mirza autobiographyPublications10/03/2017Hindi translation of celebreted Tennis player Sania Mirza autobiography
Book PublishedPublications15/10/2017Motivational book Safalta Prapti Ke Swarnim Sutra published
Book PublishedPublications15/06/2011Self-help book Time Management published
English translation of Time ManagementPublications25/10/2018English translation of Dr. Sudhir Dixit Hindi book Time Management released
Marathi Translation of Time ManagementPublications11/06/2015Marathi translation of Dr. Sudhir Dixit original Hindi book Time Management released
Motivational book Safalta ke MantraPublications11/05/2012Original motivational book Safalta ke Mantra published
Translation of book 1 percent solutionPublications12/01/2016Hindi translation of the motivational book 1 percent solution by Dr. Sudhir Dixit
Translation of Outliers by Malcolm GladwellPublications15/10/2015Hindi translation of Outliers by the famous international bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell published
Translation of One Small StepPublications02/01/2016Hindi translation of the famous motivational book One Small Step Can Change Your Life The Kaizen Way.
Hindi Biography of Sachin TendulkarPublications25/03/2015Hindi translation of the famous autobiography written by celebrated cricketer Sachin Tendulkar published
Original book on Thomas HardyPublications31/12/2001Co-author of an original book TESS by Thomas Hardy
Translation of Kalam's BiographyPublications27/07/2016Hindi translation of the biography of Dr Abdul Kalam, the former President of India.
Hindi translation of book publishedPublications16/12/2018Hindi Translation published of Vinod Pottayil's book What Every Indian Should Know
Hindi Translation of book publishedPublications04/12/2018Hindi Translation of The PERSONAL MBA - MASTER THE ART OF BUSINESS by Josh Kaufman published
Feature published in People's DailyPublications17/09/2018News and interview published in the popular Hindi daily People's Samachar regarding the lecture delivered in Harry Potter Festival
Translated book ReviewPublications30/08/2016Review of the book Abdul Kalam: Ek Jeevani translated by Dr. Sudhir Published in the renowned daily Navdunia
Translation of book People ToolsPublications27/06/2015Translation of the book People Tools published by Dr. Sudhir Dixit
Hindi translation of The HeroPublications02/11/2014Hindi Translation of Rhonda Byrne international bestseller THE HERO published
Felicitation as MPPSC TopperOther27/03/2018Dr. Sudhir Dixit felicitated as MPPSC Topper in English (1990 batch) at Mahatma Gandhi Smriti Mahavidyalaya, Itarsi
Felicitation as Harry Potter TranslatorOther16/09/2018Dr. Sudhir Dixit was felicitated as Harry Potter Translator at Swami Vivekanand Library, GTB Complex and delivered a talk on Harry Potter Magic on the occasion.
Resource Person in Cluster SchemeOther20/03/2018Dr. Sudhir Dixit was felicitated and honoured for his translation achievements and delivered a lecture at Govt. Sarojini Naidu Girls College Bhopal on the nuances of translation as a resource person under Higher Education Dept initiative of Cluster Scheme.