Is Operational and Functional : Yes
Year of Establishment : 2014
S.NoYearNo. of UnitsNo. of StudentsOfficer Name
1 2018-19150Dr. Ira Verma (Girls)
2 2018-191100Dr B.L. Rai (Boys)
3 2017-18150Dr. Ira Verma (Girls)
4 2017-181100Dr B.L. Rai (Boys)
5 2016-17150Dr Asunta Kujur (Girls)
6 2016-171100Dr B.L. Rai (Boys)
7 2015-16150Dr Asunta Kujur (Girls)
8 2015-161100Dr B.L. Rai (Boys)
9 2014-15150Ms. Alka Dubey (Girls)
10 2014-151100Dr B.L. Rai (Boys)
11 2013-14150Ms. Alka Dubey (Girls)
12 2013-141100Dr B.L. Rai (Boys)